Feliz Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo a todos

This has been a great year for Tailormade Spanish.   We were shortlisted as a finalist for the Western Gazette Business Awards 2017 in the category of “Great Innovation shown by a Business” in recognition of the work we do using Skype to facilitate lessons to students at home and at work.  We had a great night in Yeovil and met some other truly inspirational innovators.

Our thanks go to Jurassic Creative with whom we have worked for nearly a year.  Their input to increasing traffic to our social media has been fantastic, energizing us to make further innovations this year.

In June we started an experimental Spanish café, inviting language students to join us for beginners’ level Spanish lessons whilst enjoying excellent coffee and cakes provided by The Almshouse Café.  Not only lovely food on offer but also held in an historic building in the centre of Axbridge, Somerset!  In November we started a similar café at The Wookey Hub which attracted people with a good knowledge of the language who wanted to converse.  Finally at the end of November we started a further beginners’ group at Coffee Zero in Glastonbury.  The latter two cafes have room for more members and they provide an inexpensive way to learn Spanish for an hour with a friendly group in nice surroundings, with the added bonus of tasty cakes, tea and coffee available to purchase.  As you can see it appears we have chosen the locations based on the food on offer!

The New Year will bring new challenges which include tutoring alongside the new Spanish Advanced level curriculum and see the first year of these exams, as well as new classes with adult groups in North Somerset.  Also we look forward to welcoming back students after their Christmas breaks. Once again thank you to you all for supporting us and working so hard this year.  You have all been wonderful!


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