Holy Week in Spain – Palm Sunday to Easter Day is known as Semana Santa

Did you know that Easter week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day is celebrated in Spain with processions through the streets of some towns and cities of statues or tableaux reflecting the life and passion of Jesus Christ?

During Holy week processions the Christ figure is usually accompanied by a richly dressed figure of the Virgin Mary from the various Church Brotherhoods and they are carried by teams of people, either supporting the larger platforms externally using long timber beams, or by the “costaleros” who support the platform or “trono” on their shoulders from underneath the platform. All you see is the feet of the outer row of bearers! (In some towns like Avila the platforms are on wheels.) These are accompanied by the dignitaries of the Brotherhood, followed by the “Penitents” who are dressed in long robes with tall pointed hats, the faces are usually covered with just eye slits. Children taking part usually don’t have their faces covered. The robes are either white or, on Good Friday, black and the colour of the cloaks and hats vary with each Brotherhood.

Andalucia is the place to be in Semana Santa (Holy Week) with people flocking by road, rail and air to Seville and Málaga to enjoy the spectacle.


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